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Grooming & Daycare

Doggy Daycare
January 2024:  At this time, we are no longer offering daycare services.
We are quite busy with overnight boarding guests that require all of our resources. 
If you would like to schedule an overnight visit with the option to add grooming services, we would be happy to help!  

For puppies and adults! This program is designed to offer your canine companion plenty of fun and exercise while you are away during the day! Healthy exercise, social time with other friends (if approved), and guidance in good manners goes a long way for a fun day for your dog! When dogs are mentally stimulated and physically exercised for their appropriate needs, we see many of the typical "at home" challenges fade away. The best dog is a tired dog!

Our daycare program is a great way to acclimate your dog to our facility and routines. Our daycare guests are given the same great accommodations for their day trip as our overnight guests. So, when it's time to have an extended vacation with us, everyone already knows how much fun it is here and exactly what to expect!

We accept our daycare guests by pre-scheduled appointments, just like all of our other services. 


We offer basic bath/ear/blow dry/light brushing (priced from $10 - $65) and pedicures ($15-$20 and we grind when possible) for dogs that are visiting for daycare or overnights.  We do not do any clipper or scissor work, but we can send your baby home fresh and clean!  We are happy to refer you to some of our favorite professional groomers for haircuts or flea baths!

All daycare & grooming guests must meet the same age and vaccine requirements, including a bordetella vaccine within 6 months of your appointment.

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