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Dog & Cat Boarding Services

Dog Boarding Services

Fully Climate Controlled
Fun, Relaxed & Safe Atmosphere!
All-Inclusive Pricing
Experienced & Loving Staff
State of the Art Security
A la Carte Options
On-Site Owner Residence

Our canine extra-length, fully climate-controlled suites include a private, covered 48+ sq. ft. outside patio/exercise area. Inside, our guests enjoy a spacious 20+ sq. ft. suite, a comfortable Kuranda hammock bed, multiple outdoor individual potty breaks in one of our NINE exercise yards (included in the daily rate!), softly piped-in music & bedtime Pet & Snack. Privacy panels offer our guests the much deserved privacy and safety and pet should expect! We also have double sized suites for our multiple-family or extra large canine guests! Our standard boarding rate and peak season rate includes everything your pup needs for the visit. All you have to do is bring us your happy dog on a leach and we'll take it from there! 

"A la Carte" Add-On Options For Dogs:


Social Time (Our favorite! Monitored playgroup fun with other dogs of a similar age/size/disposition, as approved) $5/day - best bargain you will find!


Hugs & Brush Sessions (15 minutes private session) $5/each


Extended Free Run (20 minutes extra private exercise time, in addition to that which is already included in our standard rate) $5/each


Premium Plush Bedding (we add our clean and comfy bedding on top of the already provided hammock bed) $3/day


Patio Cool Pool (a private "kiddie" pool on your dog's patio) $5/day


Premium Bath (includes ear cleaning/priced accordingly) & Pedicures ($15-$20)


Purina Pro Plan Kibble $5/day (2 meals)

Cat Boarding Services
Relaxed, Modern, & Climate Controlled
Cozy, Sunny, and Quiet
Private Cottages for Sleeping
All-Inclusive Pricing
Completely separate from canines!

Our cattery is wonderfully cozy, sunny and quiet. The huge windows allow for plenty of fresh air and sight-seeing of the farm and daily activities of OTPR! Our feline guests are given free time on individual rotation and they can explore, scratch, and play to their hearts' content! They may also choose to sleep the day away in one of their luxuriously over-sized, multi-level private cottages. The cattery is completely separate from our canine facilities and is fully heated and air-conditioned. The boarding rate includes everything - bedding, litter boxes, and dishes, and lots of love!  Other Friends: We occasionally care for birds, rabbits, reptiles and other family pets if they are traveling with a cat or dog who is boarding with us. Please give us a call to discuss rates and availability. 

* A $5/day per pet rate increase will apply to peak seasons & holidays. 

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